When choosing materials for a sustainable construction/green building project, steel is a natural choice. VP Buildings was a founding member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and we know steel. We are also active participants in the US Green Building Council and the Cool Roof Rating Council, two of the leading organizations in the development of sustainable design standards. Moreover, VP Buildings Systems Construction process, combined with many of VP’s alternative wall and roof products can make VP Buildings the perfect partner for your next sustainable construction contract. Here are just some of the reasons why:

  • Recycled Materials—VP’s steel frames, secondary and sheeting contain recycled steel. This is one of the components of LEED point eligibility.

  • Reusable or Recyclable Materials—All of VP’s steel components are made of 100% reusable/recyclable alloy. VP metal buildings can be relocated and reused, providing expanded adaptability for different end uses and greatly extending their usable life.

  • Energy Efficient—VP Buildings offers an ever-expanding range of code compliant, efficiency-enhancing structural components.

    • Our ThermalClad Insulated Wall & Roof Panels are ideal for controlled-environment buildings where temperature and insulation are critical. And their superior insulating value is maintained throughout the life of the building (R-values to 32.3 available).

    • VP buildings are compatible with a large variety of insulation options to achieve maximum thermal efficiency.

  • Cool Roof colors- VP Buildings was one of the very first manufacturers to introduce “Cool” colors for roofing panels. VP’s SSR roofing system (when ordered with Cool Regal White color coating) meets even California’s stringent title 24 code parameters.

  • Designs And Building Systems That Reduce Materials Use AND Waste—The VP Command® Computer System is the most advanced computerized design system in the industry. What does that mean for your next sustainable construction project? It means that you can notably reduce design and estimating time, accurately detail the building structure, and efficiently process the material through manufacturing.

With VP Command, you can see into the future of the entire building project, including site-specific code parameters (especially vital for a successful point accumulation toward certification). In addition, with the VP Command design system, materials use and waste are reduced significantly over many conventional building processes. You can even explore alternative design scenarios within your specific sustainable design parameters.

VP Buildings offers a variety of energy-saving components to improve airflow. We also offer ventilation insulated window and door products and roof ventilation systems.

With natural lighting options, from our PrisMAX SL skylights, featuring a prismatic lens system for maximum light dispersal to our translucent Tuf-Lite & Wallite panels, which provide the interior of the building with 60% natural light transmission. Increased natural lighting, decreased power usage provide notable savings on energy costs. This adds points to the overall sustainable design score.

  • VP Builder Network—VP Buildings’ independent Authorized Builder network ensures building owners and designers that their projects can be completed on time and within budget, without compromising quality. Nearly 1,000 professional contractors throughout the United States and Canada form an alliance with VP Buildings as independent Authorized VP Builders. This partnership is committed to providing quality building systems from VP Buildings and quality construction services from professional VP Builders.

The trend toward sustainable construction with building "green" is growing, and you can grow with it. VP can be the perfect partner!


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