The Growing Possibilities of Building “Green” and Sustainable Construction With VP

The Growing Presence of GREEN Building

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In recent years, consideration for the environmental impact a building has on its surroundings and occupants, both initially and over the life cycle of the building has brought about a growing trend toward “building green” and sustainable construction.

What Is It?
Simply put, it is a combination of design and construction practices that notably reduce, and in some cases eliminate, certain perceived negative impacts a building may have on the environment and occupants. You may have heard it referred to as Sustainable Design.

For a building to meet the parameters of sustainable design, its plan and construction must include built-in design features and materials that enhance

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy

  • Safeguard water and water efficiency

  • Conservation of materials and resources

  • Indoor environmental quality

The stated goal for such “GREEN” buildings and sustainable construction is a high-performance building that does more than ‘house’ a business, it actually improves the local and global community.

There are several organizations dedicated to the ongoing development of this growing segment of the building industry. Three of the primary national organizations/programs are:

  • CRRC (Cool Roof Rating Council)

  • Energy Star® (US Environmental Protection Agency)

  • LEED™ (US Green Building Council)

VP Buildings is an active participant in the CRRC and the USGBC, has an ever-growing number of quality, Energy Star® certified products, and can contribute greatly toward your next project’s sustainable design and LEED certification.


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