IAS— All of VP’s domestic manufacturing facilities are AC-472 accredited. To see certificates for VP Service Centers, visit IAS online and click on the City and State of the location needed. See addition information about these certifications for Contractors and Specifiers from the MBMA. 

ASTM INTERNATIONAL is a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. VP’s products, tested in accordance with ASTM standards, are listed where applicable and available upon request. 

CANADIAN WELDING BUREAU— VP Buildings products are recognized for quality assurance by The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), a certification body accredited by the Standards Council of Canada. 

CSA A660 CERTIFIED – VP Buildings is certified by the Canadian Standards Association to product steel buildings for use in Canada.

CONSTRUCTION SPECIFIERS INSTITUTE— Architects interested in specifying VP Buildings will find the CSI 3-part spec standard. 

COOL ROOF RATING COUNCIL (CRRC)— One of the first manufacturers to introduce “Cool” colors for roofing panels, VP has products rated by the CRRC. 
ENERGY STAR® is a program designed to provide businesses and consumers with energy-efficient solutions that save money on utility bills and reduce energy waste. VP continues to increase the quantity and quality of products available to help meet government energy-efficiency requirements. 
US GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL is the government body that approves LEED projects. VP is a member of the USGBC. 

FACTORY MUTUAL APPROVED ASSEMBLIES SSR and SLR Roof Systems are approved in various type applications and listed in the FM Approval Guide. 24 Ga SSR is available in Class 1-60, 1-75, 1-90. 22 Ga SSR is available in Class 1-75, 1-90, 1-120. 24 Ga SLR is available in Class 1-75, 1-120. 24 Ga HWR is available in Class 1-60, 1-90, 1-105, 1-120, 1-165. 22 Ga HWR is available in Class 1-120, 1-180.  

UNDERWRITER’S LABORATORIES WIND UPLIFT APPROVAL SSR Roof-UL#TGKX-113; SSR Composite Roof Class 90-UL#TGKX-113A; SSR Roof w/Super Block Class 90-UL#TGKX-328; Panel Rib Roof UL Class 60-UL#TGKX-60; Panel Rib Roof UL Class 90-UL#TGKX-64; VP SLR/AEP SL Roof Class 90-UL#TGKX-90 U.S. 

ASTM E-1592 testing for SLR Roof & SSR Roof & HWR Roof.

AIR INFILTRATION & WATER PENETRATION- Test results available on all VP Wall & Roof Panels 


STATE OF FLORIDA PRODUCT APPROVALS Panel Rib Roof FL# 12763.1, Panel Rib Wall FL# 12763.1, Vee Rib Wall FL# 12762.1, SLR II Roof FL# 14004.0, SSR Roof FL# 12763.2 & HWR Roof FL# 12977.0

DADE COUNTY APPROVALS Panel Rib Roof NOA# 14-0123.12; Panel Rib Wall NOA# 14-0627.09; Vee Rib Wall NOA# 14-0605.10; HWR Roof 14-0715.05

COUNTY FLORIDA PRODUCT APPROVAL SSR Roof NOA#03-0206.13; Panel Rib Roof NOA#02-0123.08; Panel Rib Wall NOA#02-04187.01; Vee Rib Wall NOA#01-1128.05 

FIRE CODE COMPLIANCE — IBC, UL, & FACTORY MUTUAL VP steel roof systems meet the requirements of IBC Section 1505.2 for Class A roof assemblies. VP SSR, SLR II and HWR roof systems have been tested in accordance with ASTM E108 fire tests per Factory Mutual Approval Standard 4471 resulting in a Class A roof assembly rating. VP Roof and Wall panel systems may be used with UL fire rated assemblies U425, U489, U419, V421, W404, W413, P516, P265 & P265 for 1 and 2 hour fire rated assemblies.

SKYLIGHTS VP’s Tuflite panels have been tested to support a 300 lb. load over a 1 sq. ft. area, as well as uniform gravity and uplift load tests per ASTM E330. VP's Tuflite panels are also included in Underwriters' wind uplift approvals. 


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