Sky-Web II® Fall Protection

Sky-Web II Fall Protection The Sky-Web II® Fall Protection and Insulation Support System is an innovative passive restraint system that protects workers from falls at the leading edge of a roof. It does this by providing a "web" of knotted nylon mesh that is attached to the perimeter of the roof's secondary structural members. With minimal investment, Sky-Web II increases safety and efficiency, reduces injury and is easy to install.

By providing a continuous layer of material over the secondary roof members, workers can work at the leading edge of the roof without being tied-off. The ability to work freely without being tangled in safety lines or installing portable safety nets below the roof surface accelerates the erection process. Safety is achieved and efficiency is gained by using this innovative and cost-effective system.

Sky-Web II is a made-to-order product that arrives at the job site with all of the instructions and required hardware necessary to complete installation. 

The system consists of a 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" knotted nylon mesh that can accommodate every building configuration, with the exception of skews, hips and valleys.

For more information on this fall protection or to order Sky-Web II, contact your local District Manager.

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