Translucent Daylighting
VP offers multiple daylighting options: PrisMAX SL™ , Tuf-lite translucent roof panels and Wallite translucent wall panels.

Traslucent Daylighting Roof Panel

Varco Pruden’s newest daylight solution is PrisMAX SL. Designed to work on VP’s SSR roof systems, PrisMAX SL does not require a curb as part of the installation. The skylights are 24” wide with a sturdy aluminum frame that is precision-made to attach to the top of the SSR seamed rib. The PrisMAX SL skylight system uses a water diverter at the high end of the installation to provide a weathertight barrier and direct water run-off. 

Download product information for the PrisMAX™ SL and Tru skyights

PrisMAX skylight Before and After

Developed to install after the SSR roof is completed, PrisMAX SL skylights will work on either new construction or retrofit projects. PrisMAX SL skylights come standard in lengths of 10’. Skylights can be connected end-to-end with additional 10’ or 5’ sections to create a continuous skylight. The PrisMAX SL skylight is also available in sections made exclusively for replacing Tuf-Lite panels on existing SSR roof installations. The design of this daylighting system allows for maximum light with a minimum of roof penetrations. Featuring a tri-arch domed, prismatic lens, the system allows more sunlight into the building for more daytime hours than alternative skylight options. Lenses are designed to optimize light transmittance and diffusion, providing balanced lighting inside the building while eliminating hot spots. When used in conjunction with lighting control systems, PrisMAX SL system allows building owners to reduce electrical lighting demand during key daytime hours. The PrisMAX SL system, as part of an overall lighting plan, can help owners meet requirements for a number of government sponsored incentives and tax breaks.

Tuf-lite and Wallite panels are the economical choice when natural, diffused lighting is desired for brighter working conditions, in addition to savings on lighting costs. Both translucent panels are made of white, fire-retardant FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer), allowing for light transmission of 60%. Both Tuf-Lite and Wallite panels are extremely cost-effective because they are incorporated right into the roof and wall panels of the building. Tuf-Lites are available in SSR and Panel Rib Roof profiles. Wallites are available in Panel Rib and Vee Rib Wall profiles.

  • 60% light transmission

  • Corrosion-, chemical-, and weather-resistant

  • Class 1 fire rated; exceeds ASTM D3841: ICBO listing #5048

  • Condensation pans optional on Tuf-Lite

Downloadable Product Information for Tuf-Lites & Wallites

Tuf-lite and Wallite Systems

When skylights and domes require a curb system, Varco Pruden offers DuraCurb, an all aluminum curb designed to fit into VP's standing seam roof system.

Download product information for DuraCurb


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