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Retrofit and Re-roof Solutions

Building owners looking for a way to stop roof leaks, reduce maintenance cost and improve the appearance of their facility are finding the answer with VP Roof Systems and their local Varco Pruden Builder. Whether your current roof is a non-metal or a metal roof, flat or sloped, Varco Pruden Roof Systems can provide a solution that gives you long-term, weather-tight protection and fewer roofing headaches. If you are interested in a Retrofit or Re-roof solution, contact us now!

Benefits of a Varco Pruden Retrofit or Re-roof solution include:

  • A roof system designed to meet the highest industry standards for quality and performance

  • A selection of panel options and architecturally attractive colors 

  • The option of adding slope to flat roofs, eliminating "ponding" and problems related to standing water

  • Increased energy-efficiency with additional insulation and "cool paint" formulations

Varco Pruden Re-Roof and Retrofit

Products from Varco Pruden Roof Systems include:

(A) Built Up Slope Structural - Ideal for applications when a project requires positive roof drainage to prevent water from standing on the roof surface. A built-up slope also allows for additional insulation, improving energy-efficiency and reducing heating and cooling costs. All structural materials are made from durable, galvanized steel, can be installed over the current structure without interrupting on-going business operations and are designed and manufactured to give years of trouble-free service.

(B) SLR Roof Sheeting - An architectural roof panel designed to give improved aesthetics while providing long-term weather-tight performance. Made from sturdy 24 or 22 gauge galvalume steel and coated with highest quality kynar/hylar paint finishes, SLR panels meet the highest industry standards for roof sheeting.  Optional, cool color paints can provide additional thermal efficiency and help reduce "heat-island" effects.

(C) SSR Roof Sheeting - Varco Pruden’s most recognized roof solution, this engineered panel is ideal for low-slope applications as low as ¼’:12. The 3" tall ribs are field seamed to provide a sealed membrane surface that stands up to the toughest weather challenges. SSR’s patented seamed ridge cap provides additional weather protection and VP’s unique sliding clip allows the roof to respond to thermal changes and reduce panel wear.

Each Varco Pruden Roof System project combines the advantages of superior roof engineering and design with warranted, proven products. The local Varco Pruden Builder is your source for complete information and assistance with your project needs. To find out more about Varco Pruden Roof Systems, fill out this form or talk to your local District Manager.

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