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Varco Pruden offers Conventional Steel Services as one of its many building solutions. Conventional Steel Services can provide a comprehensive building package that can include any combination of pre-engineered and conventional components.

This solution allows Varco Pruden to provide conventional structural steel framing – broadening its reach and progressing from the low-rise building market to multi-story (three-to-five level) buildings. The offering provides competitively priced solutions for multi-level buildings, which exceed the traditional pre-engineered limit of two stories. These services can provide different types of architectural features, including canopies, bracing methods, etc.

Through VP's Conventional Steel Services, Varco Pruden utilizes hot rolled beam lines to provide traditional conventional structures. These structures include add-on’s to a typical VP pre-engineered building. In addition, Varco Pruden’s Conventional Steel Services offers more competitive deck frame solutions and allows builders to make additions on conventional low-rise projects – like entry ways – which were outsourced in the past.

The core benefit of Conventional Steel Services is the one-stop-shop feature. The builder and owner are supplied with one point of contact and far less coordination is required. In addition, using VP’s beam lines at their plants, all or most materials can be easily sourced by the builder or owner.

And as an added bonus, there is no need to hire a conventional structural engineer to design the conventional materials – Varco Pruden supplies the entire package.

With Conventional Steel Services, welding is reduced by the use of bolted connections. And Varco Pruden maintains quality control through 3D modeling and integration with high-speed beam lines.

Conventional Steel Services Advantages:

Lower Initial Costs – Varco Pruden’s systems approach to building projects include value engineered options to ensure the optimization of materials performance and the minimization of costs. Additionally, VP’s ability to combine pre-engineered and structural solutions reduces engineering cost and delays, helping the project flow from concept to completion at a faster rate.

Lower Life-cycle Costs – With a steel structure from Varco Pruden, comes the long-term benefit of low-maintenance cost. VP roof systems can be warranted for up to 25 years for weather-tight performance and VP’s long-lasting KXL paint systems will look great after 25 years as well.

Sustainable and Energy Efficient – VP offers energy efficient options for daylighting with PrisMAX SL Skylights. These prismatic skylights will supplement interior lighting during the day and reduce demand for electricity by allowing interior lights to be turned off. VP also offers several insulation options to keep buildings comfortable all year long.  VP’s cool paint systems will deflect radiant heat during the day to help buildings’ heating and air systems perform more efficiently.

Meets Advanced Building Ratings – Building owners seeking to achieve LEED ratings will appreciate Varco Pruden’s contribution of recycled steel content, future “environmentally friendly” recyclability, cool paint systems and daylighting.  Further, VP products meet Factory Mutual ratings and UL approval.

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