LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

The LEED Green Building Rating System

This system was created to provide a national standard of what constitutes a “green building.” It is used as a design guideline and third party certification tool, utilizing both established and innovative practices, standards and technologies.

The LEED Green Building Rating System evaluates a building from what is called a “whole building” perspective. This rating system awards recognition of a building’s sustainable design using various levels of achievement, including bronze, silver, gold or platinum ratings.

LEED does not certify building products or companies.

Using the Green Building Rating System, LEED rates projects on the following categories:

  • Site Planning

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Materials and Resources

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • Water

The Certification Process

LEED Certification distinguishes building projects that have demonstrated acceptable sustainability through incorporating the highest performance standards.

Certification Requirements and Point System

For a project to become LEED certified, it must attain a set number of points available in six areas:

  • Sustainable Sites (SS)—14 points possible

  • Water Efficiency (WE)—5 points possible

  • Energy & Atmosphere (EA)—17 points possible

  • Materials & Resources (MR)—13 points possible

  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)—15 points possible

  • Innovation & Design Process (ID)—5 points possible

For complete details and more information on the LEED program, visit www.usgbc.org. To find out more about becoming a LEED Accredited Professional, visit www.gbci.org.

VP's Contribution to LEED Points

While VP provides part of the overall solution for a project seeking to become LEED certified, the areas where VP provides the most direct impact are:

  • Recycled Content

  • Recyclability / Reuse in the future

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Cool Roof materials

  • Proximity of VP plants to job-sites


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